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What We Do Part I - Jewelry Casting

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Hi this is our first time writing blog, we are new and feeling excited on this! Please note that everything on this blog is an information from our side and experience by ourselves only, just sharing from what we met in our works :)

In this page we are going to talk about one of the most important process in jewelry making which is 'JEWELRY CASTING'

What Is Jewelry Casting

Jewelry casting is a forming process which turns a wax to be a metal jewelry piece.

Normally the before casting process is

1. Pattern metal > rubber mould > wax > casting

2. CAD drawing > printing wax > casting

Both are good depends on what your design is and which way you like, for me I prefer the old classic way no.1 and sometimes I do wax carving then go casting also ( should have a time when I do wax carving ! )

From my personal opinion, this is the most important process on jewelry production because if the casting is not good, your product will be in the difficult time until finish. And at worst case, you have to do re-casting.

Here I will not write in details of casting but will do a summarize on what can affect on casting most from our data.

(Photo of our routine silver casting tree)

Jewelry Casting Problem

All variants are important but we found that our top 3 major variants are the most affect on our product. 1. Temperature 2. Runner or feed position 3. Technician (Human error)

After casting if our outcome is not good even the same process sets, we will always get back to look at the top 3 variants first.

Thamma Jewellery Casting Service

Actually, forming jewelry can happen by many ways, not only casting. We always look at the product/project first before decide which way to forming them. Because if we choose the proper way, it can reduce the defect or any problems along the production much.

At Thamma jewellery, we have a jewelry casting service on silver, gold, and brass material in our Bangkok workshop. We can do only casting service or full production with affordable price. You can send us email for asking quotation for free. Or if you have some casting tips please share with us.

Thank you with love

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